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A Sonouge Story

Prologue – Caught in a Blizzard

In the dead of winter on Mobius, in Mobotropolis, there was a horrible blizzard warning. Sonic was speeding along, but was starting to go cold in the winter air. He was on his way to see Rouge, because she had a chaos emerald that she was keeping. Sonic, in exchange, has a bunch of diamonds he bought with the money Mobotropolis gave him for his heroic services. Sonic walks up to Rouge's house, cold, shivering, and teeth chattering. He knocks on the door, and Rouge answers, opening the door and seeing a bluer-than-usual hedgehog, shivering his tail off.

Rouge: Goodness, Sonic, don't you even think to wear clothes?

Sonic: *shivering* I never thought of it, really…

Rouge: Here, stand by the fireplace, you need to warm up!

Sonic just sat down by the fire, basking in its warmth and radiance, and Sonic wonders if… if Rouge really has a chaos emerald!

Rouge: *comes in with the emerald* Here, big blue, catch!

Sonic: *catches it* Thanks.

Rouge: No problem. *looks outside* Brother, this is quite the storm. I'm going to turn on the tube, let's see what's going on here. *turns on TV*

Reporter: Tonight's blizzard is going to be a strong one, up to two feet of snow. People are advised to stay inside until the storm clears.

Sonic: Darn! Now Amy'll have a hernia! She's expecting me to go on a date with her, and now I'm stuck here!

Rouge: Did you accept the date, or did she force you?

Sonic: I told her I'd go on a date with her to get her off my back…

Rouge: Sneaky, I like that in a guy.

Sonic: Really? You mean it, Rouge?

Rouge: Of course, would I lie? Don't answer that…

Sonic laughed at the comment, and Rouge couldn't help but follow suit. Rouge offered Sonic to stay with her for the night, since he was practically stuck there. Sonic accepted Rouge's offer, and got ready for bed, it was pretty late. Rouge, having only chairs aside from her bed, offered Sonic to sleep in her bed for the night.

Sonic: No tricks now, Rouge.

Rouge: Of course not, blue boy, what would Amy say?

Sonic: Frankly, I wouldn't give two mobiuns (two cents)…

Rouge: Well, better get ready to hit the sack.

Sonic and Rouge got into bed, and it was only in sleep that Sonic started staring at her… Her form, beautiful, her breath, smooth, steady, and calming, and her face, without the makeup, was the most eye-catching thing he even seen. He started thinking, what is going on, why am I blushing? Am I falling in love with Rouge the bat? He shook the thought out of his head, and went to sleep, not realizing that his actions in sleep would seal a pact for life…

The following morning, Sonic woke up to see Rouge on top of him, still asleep. He couldn't quite go anywhere, he was pinned down. Oh well, at least this was a good opportunity to think on what Rouge had done for Sonic. For one, she helped him against the Metarex, she pointed out when Chris was in trouble, where he was, she gave him a whole slough-load of gems over the years, and furthermore, she treated Sonic like a real person, not some big game to hunt. As Rouge was waking up, she looks to see Sonic under her, and is rather shocked.

Rouge: Sonic, why are you on top of me?

Sonic: I think you got that backward, Rouge, you're on top of me!

Rouge: Oh my… *get off of him*

Sonic: Its okay, I don't mind, really!

Rouge: Well, uh, I didn't do anything, you didn't, did you? Did I?

Sonic: If we did, we wouldn't know it… Rouge, can I tell you something?

Rouge: Shoot, blue boy…

Sonic: Rouge, in all honesty, I saw you as kind of… well…

Rouge: Attractive?

Sonic: Well… yeah…

Rouge: *giggle, sigh* Well, I felt like we were made for each other, too, Sonic. You being the hero, and me being the bad girl… You might just have to arrest me, big blue… *giggle*

Sonic: Charge, theft… Stealing my heart…

Sonic and Rouge got closer together, face to face, and ended up in a long kiss. They hugged each other. Their eyes closed, and the world around them slowing down, Sonic and Rouge felt like they were inseparable… Sonic was thinking its true; I am falling in love with Rouge… I wonder if she feels the same… They unlocked from their passionate kiss.

Sonic: Hey, Rouge? What are your feelings for me, here, now?

Rouge: Love, passion, attraction… The usual, Sonic… *kisses him*

Sonic: Same here, but for you… *kisses her back* you know, I think, last night, I ended up being a naughty boy…

Rouge: Then you need the proper punishment, a good spanking! *slaps his arm*

The two started play-fighting, and they just knew that this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. But how will Sonic break it to Amy? Will she hold up to it? Only time will tell in this story…
I admit it, I am starting to turn to Sonouge along with everything else. This came about when I was thinking of how this would come to be. Originally, they were up north, caught in a snowstorm, and Sonic and Rouge were forced to take shelter in a cave. There they spent the night until GUN found them the next day.

Here, Sonic is at Rouge's house, trading some diamonds he bought for a Chaos Emerald that Rouge got. But a bad blizzard kicks up, and Sonic is stuck at Rouge's house, and with no couches to go around, Sonic is forced to sleep with Rouge. The night to follow brought about some... interesting events...

Anyway, this is a Sonouge Fanfic that I hope you will enjoy. I hope to finish the next chapter by this time tomorrow. If not, then oh well...

Hope you enjoy.

Sonic and Rouge belong to SEGA/Archie Comics
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Sonic-fan17 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Awwwwwwww this' so sweet
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Area4432 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
Why anger?
XxRoxyTheFoxxX Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
i meant to put joy
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Aha! :)
Ihtiander Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
HedgehogNeesah Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011
You know this chapter was very rushed, right? But I can tell you tried your best with keeping Sonic and Rouge in character. For what you we're going for could have been longer though.
Area4432 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011
Yeah, I get the idea
HedgehogNeesah Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011
Just keep practicing
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