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June 14, 2011
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Sonic the Hedgehog-let – Chapter 3: Week 1, Day 2, 8:00-12:00

Amy was asleep, not letting anything disturb her, until she heard a small cry. She thought it was Sonic at first, so she walked into the nursery, only to find that Sonic was still asleep, calm and gently breathing. She then heard the crying get louder, and she found it was coming from outside. She stepped outside the door, and looked down. There was a small yellow-orange fox kit, crying his little eyes out, and it hit home what had happened when she saw the two tails… Amy gasped, and said, "Oh my gosh! Tails?" The little fox cried his eyes out, and babbled out, "A-am-Amy!" He just continued crying, and held onto her. She took him inside quick, and got him into a diaper, making him cry louder, which woke Sonic up. Now Amy had two crying babies to worry about…

Amy hushed Tails down, and put him on the floor, which made him kick and fuss. She picked up Sonic, only to realize that now Tails was having a major temper tantrum. Amy picked up the little fox, and soon she was trying to calm down both baby boys. Sonic sniffed, and looked over at Tails… Sonic babbled, "Taiws?" The fox kit to his right nodded, and then started crying again. Amy thought that he now had to be hungry. She got out a bottle, but Tails refused to be bottle-fed, keeping his mouth closed. But just as he did, his stomach growled, making him open his mouth to cry. Amy saw her chance, and fed Tails while he was in tears.

After Tails finished his bottle, Amy patted his back, making him burp. He started to sniffle again, and cried his hardest. He yelled out, "MAMA!" Tails cried and cried, not wanting to face the embarrassment of being a baby. Amy pulled out another crib, since she figured she might get more babies, and she put Tails down in it, and he was wearing an emerald green shirt and dark green pajama pants. Sonic then started to cry again, and tried to pull off his sailor's outfit. Amy thought that would make him all upset when she put it on him. She switched him into a red shirt and mahogany pajama pants. She placed him down in a playpen. Tails was still crying, but Amy put him down in the playpen, as well. While he was crying, Tails rubbed his eyes, and he fell down on his back. In a minute, he was kicking and flailing. His tantrum was getting worse by the minute.

Amy turned on the lullaby CD again, making Tails calm down, more and more until his eyes got heavy. He yawned, and fell asleep, grabbing onto Sonic for comfort. Just then, a red ball broke through the window, and rolled out to reveal a little baby Echidna, who bonked his head on the wall, making him wail and tear up. Amy ran into the room to see who was crying, and noticed the little echidna at the wall. She picked up the little baby, and cradled him in her arms. The little echidna buried his face in Amy's shirt, crying and crying until he started settling down. Amy then said, "Oh boy, Sonic, then Tails, and now Knuckles… Who's next?" The Echidna started to punch and kick at Amy's stomach, until Amy pulled him away from her, and gave him a stern look. She said, "I don't like that attitude, buster!" Knuckles gave her a "try me" look, and she placed him over her knees, pulling down his diaper, and letting loose a big barrage of spankings. She spanked Knuckles 50 times, making him cry like mad, his bottom a lot redder than usual, and really hot to the touch.

Amy gasped, trying to comfort the little Echidna, who was kicking and flailing for Amy to let go, he didn't want two cents from her, he hated her now. With some difficulty, Amy put a diaper on Knuckles, as well as a blue shirt and pajama pants. When she put him in the playpen, he cried even harder. He wanted Amy to come back, but he couldn't say anything about it. He inhaled, and Sonic covered his and Tails' ears, since he wasn't going to use his inside voice. Knuckles yelled, "MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" His shouting was so loud; it woke up Cream and Vanilla next door. Said rabbits got into their clothes and went next door to see what was going on. Amy then came to the door with a crying baby echidna in her arms.

She invited Cream and Vanilla in, and put Knuckles, now asleep, back into the pen. She got a blue pacifier, and put it in his mouth, and he started to suck on it. Sonic, having nothing to do, went to sleep as well… Now a little hedgehog, fox, and echidna were all asleep on the floor of the playpen. Cream asked, "Who was shouting?" Amy then replied, "Knuckles, he was very cranky. But then again, he'd just turned into a baby, so I wouldn't be surprised." Vanilla said then, "Amy, dear, I cannot help but notice that Sonic and Knuckles seem to perceive you as their mother." Amy said, "Sonic started that trend, but now Tails and Knuckles have followed suit and now they are all seeing me as their mother." She went into the nursery, and brought out three sleeping babies, a little blue hedgehog, yellow fox, and red echidna, all sleeping peacefully, sometimes kicking in their sleep.

She placed the three babies down on the couch, and got out a pram and a stroller, to get them some fresh air. She put Sonic in the pram, and Tails and Knuckles in the stroller. Sonic was faced towards Amy, and he was hugging her in his sleep. Amy pushed the stroller outside, and walked towards the park with Cream and Vanilla by her side. When she got to the park, Tails was already wide awake, but Sonic and Knuckles were out cold, just sleeping the day away. There was no-one around, but there were a few flickies flying in the trees. Just then, Amy heard someone whimper. She looked down at Sonic, still asleep, went around and looked in the stroller, Tails was alright, but Knuckles was kicking in his sleep, tearing up, and fussing a lot. Amy pulled Sonic out of the pram and switched him out for Knuckles, the latter of whom settled down once he felt Amy was close.

After about half an hour, Sonic woke up, and saw that he was being stared at by a certain bat. Sonic got nervous, he blushed, and he started tearing up, whimpering and kicking his legs hard. Rouge picked him up, and tried cradling him, but Sonic didn't want Rouge, he wanted Amy, he wanted is mama! Sonic cried out, "Mama!" Amy then came over to Rouge, and said to Sonic, "Sonic, don't be mean! Rouge just wants to hold you, that's all! Will you please be a good boy for me?" Sonic took a good look at Rouge, who winked at him, and started to like the new attention. Just then, Tails started to cry, he was apparently hungry. Amy picked up the little fox kit, and fed him a warm bottle of milk. Knuckles stared up at Rouge, who noticed him looking at her, and she giggled, putting Sonic in the stroller and taking out Knuckles, tickling him on the belly. Knuckles exploded into laughter, kicking and flailing out of glee.

About an hour or so later, Amy, Cream, Vanilla, and Rouge headed back for Amy's house, three babies alongside. Amy put Sonic into a red baby pajama suit, Tails in a green pajama suit, and Knuckles in a purple one. She put them down in their cribs, turned out the light, and closed the door. A baby CD was playing, keeping the three calm, but they soon woke up, and started talking to each other (in baby talk, of course):

Sonic: I can't believe it's been just one day, and already I'm baby-headed…

Tails: Tell me about it, I didn't even get an hour after Eggman hit me with his ray…

Knuckles: Ditto…

Sonic: Knuckles, why were you acting all babyish all of a sudden?

Knuckles: I dunno, I guess it was just my baby instincts.

Tails: You shouldn't have made Amy mad, or you wouldn't have been spanked.

Knuckles: PLEASE! Don't remind me of the spankings!

Sonic: I already got one slap from Amy, and I try to be a good boy for her.

Knuckles: You're kissing up to your girlfriend now?


Knuckles: Is so!

Sonic: *tearing up* She-she's n-not!

Knuckles: Sonic and Amy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes-

Tails: An Echidna in a baby carriage! (Supporting Sonic)

Knuckles: I'm not getting two cents from you, two-tail! *to Sonic* and as for you, Sonic, you can kiss up to Amy all you want… Oh, who am I kidding! I admit it; I'm a mama's boy now! *tearing up* it's not fair! I-I-I don't w-wanna be a-a MAMA'S BOY!!! *starts crying*

Sonic got out of his crib, and crawled into Knuckles', and hugged him. The red Echidna responded by hugging back.
Chapter 3. Sheesh, two more babies and a lot of happenings in one day... What'll be next... ONLY I WILL KNOW! So be patient, unless you think patients are for hospitals...

Anyway, enjoy...
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